1. Promote Events & Contests

Monetize your expertise — Schedule an event, live or virtual, small or large, formal or casual, for free or for a fee. Invite friends, fans and followers from your social communities.  Including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Blab, Delicious, SnapChat and the thousands, yes thousands of others.

Attendees can only register by opting in and at the event you can up-sell or present an opportunity or offer they can’t refuse.

For example, for years on April Fools Day, we would host a free event at a private club in Beverly Hills.  We would only invite our social media community. As they opted in, we were building our list with our target market. They attended the event and enjoyed food, drinks and networking activities. At the end we thanked them for attending, shared who we are, what we do and invited them to become a member of our community. Many did. We had fun, met new friends and guess what…it cost us nothing. It was all sponsored by businesses who also wanted this target market.  Let’s call it a win…win.

2. MasterMinds ~ Memberships

Create “groups” where professionals can all come together and share thoughts and ideas. Perfect for niches. You have a group of people who value collaboration and mentoring. You can include special guests and professionals to add value and who will brainstorm and guide your members decisions.

One of the nice things about Google+ is that you can separate people into different “circles,” so you can target different people of different demographics with your messages and determine which marketing worked best. Create and promote private circles on Google Hangouts.
With valuable content and a dedicated community you can charge members to participate and you can also re-purpose those videos for a fee or for FREE.  Don’t forget meetup, where you can build any kind of community anywhere in the world.

3. Affiliates

Get paid to promote other peoples products, no need to have your own.  Build a following and enroll in affiliate sites like cj and clickbank, where all the work is done for you. All you have to do is promote and get paid. Make sure you don’t overdo it. Products that you have used and can include your personal testimony are best. Keep in mind that is a matter of Best Practices to disclose that you have an affiliate relationship, your followers will appreciate it.

4. Creating and Selling your own Products

If you have a product based business like an eCommerce store, this is perfect for you. Social media can be a great place to sell your products – or, at the least, build up a following and redirect those followers to your website to buy your products. Handcrafts, jewelry, clothing, accessories ect. sell great on Etsy, CafePress and Amazon.

You can also use Udemy to sell your courses and other teaching modules. They show you step by step how to set it up and then you just sit and wait for the $ to come rolling in. Most of these sites take a percentage, but it’s worth it.

5. Crowdfunding

You want to open a store, manufacture a product, produce a movie and need capital? Crowdfund.  Some of the originators and most popular are  Indiegogo and Kickstarter which has raised a total of $220 million from 61,000 launched projects so far.

If you want to go for the big bucks visit realtyshares where you invest $5,000+ to participate in real estate transactions. Crowdfunding is fast and you can literally raise thousands in minutes with the right community and cause.  There are currently hundreds — yes, hundreds of sites, specializing in almost any niche industry.

Need money for something personal such as unforeseen emergency, medical bill, a mission trip or your dog simply needs a new bone? I am not kidding.
Check out GoFundMe.  Did I mention…with a few exceptions these are funds that you don’t have to repay.

6. Sponsors

Popular,? Have a large engaged following? Go to SponsoredTweets or other social media influencer/advertiser agencies that have appeared over the last few years to help you sell your influence online.  Select the topics you’d normally talk about, and wait to be matched with advertisers for campaigns. You could also pitch prospective advertisers who want to be in front of your target market directly by cold calling, emailing, or connecting over social media.

7. Sell Advice

Have you been thinking about your hobbies, passions and wondering how you can monetize them.  It could be as random as fly fishing, knitting or how to create code. There is someone out there who wants to learn more. Try Ether it has a Facebook app to make it easy to promote to your raving fans.  For coaching sessions, teaching or digital products like podcasts or videos, you now have a platform to sell what you love.  

Publish a post on LinkedIn, as I did with this post. Perhaps about that delicious meal you made and then direct followers to your landing page to purchase the recipe. This is also good for Pinterest and Instagram, they love quick videos and visuals.

8. Create Videos and Podcasts

On YouTube you can build a large following and get paid with google ads.  Creating ‘how-to’ content in a simple video on a niche topic can earn you money on YouTube. For example, “How to Hit a Faster Tennis Serve” or “Make Up for the Young and Restless”… anything you’re knowledgeable in. The amount of monies you earn is based on the overall view count. It takes time and consistently to build, but many unknown became millionaires by doing just that.

You can also collect donations for projects, both for and non-profit endeavors.

Prefer to be off camera? Try podcasts and distribute through sites like BlogTalk, iTunes and Stitcher.  John Lee Dumas did and has made millions with podcasts.  Whats even more awesome is that he shares his revenue model, check it out at Entrepreneur on Fire.  I had the pleasure of being interviewed on his show and he is a genius, but I must say it’s really not that difficult.

9. Social Economy

Rent your home to via Airbnb and other micro-subletting sites; list your dog-sitting services on DogVacay; or rent your bikes with Spinlister. Again take inventory of what you love or have to offer and share through social media.  Pick a passion, pick a site and you’re off and running.

10. Don’t forget Blogging, Periscope and Facebook Live

Have something to say? There are blogs, platforms and communities for just about every topic you can imagine.  Many blog sites will pay you for your articles and content.  Use Periscope to record your own or other live events and charge for viewings.  The same with Facebook live. People who are unable to attend a live event can still enjoy access virtually through your Facebook live. You can charge or do it as a way to build and serve your community.

Just in case you think this is small stuff…keep in mind,

  • Instagram has 100 million active users
  • Twitter has over 135 million active users
  • Youtube sees over 1 billion active users each month
  • Facebook during the last 30 days. had 1.51 billion active users 
  • LinkedIn has over 100 million active users per month

No matter how robust your email list or traffic to your website gets it pays to share with social media. All you need is:


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