“It takes a special kind of person, or organization, to truly leverage this opportunity and turn it into a profitable venture for a mutually beneficial relationship.”  Unknown

Introducing An Empowered Woman Affiliate Marketing Program!

~ Do you love telling people about An Empowered Woman? ~ Do you love inviting them to our Second Sundays and other events? ~ Are you interested in a program where everyone wins?

If you answered YES, we’d like to thank you and invite you to be an affiliate.  Our Affiliates earn for every new member that registers as a referral and/or link included on your website, emails and newsletters. The best part is no charge to join our affiliate program.

We provide our affiliates with monthly commission payments, real-time tracking, and reporting. All checks with a minimum of $50.00 due will be sent to you every month. 

It’s easy and it’s free

~ You register as an affiliate ~ You include our banner with your affiliate link on your website, newsletters, and emails. ~ We follow up ~ Others sign up as a member… thanks to you ~ We send you big checks. This is pure profit that goes right into you pocket. Now that’s what I call passive income.

Join our mission to empower women and become an affiliate! Simply click on the link below to confirm your affiliate id, and information, including where to send checks. You will automatically be emailed your affiliate link that you can use immediately. Start earning money doing something you already enjoy – empowering the lives of women!

Become an Affiliate

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