The Look of Love!

On Sunday, February 10th, AEW held a special afternoon focused on the subject of LOVE and relationships.  It was enlightening in many ways not only for single ladies but also for those in committed long term relationships. Crystal Moradi, of PLJ Advisors, opened the...

Finding the Courage to Try Again

Finding the Courage to Try Again

How  a  Jellyfish  Can  Make  All  the  Difference ~ Finding  the  Courage  to  Try  Again I’ll begin with a story – one that I feel as though many of you empowered women will relate to. When I was 10 my family went to Hawaii.  It was one of our first “big”...

Chit-chat Masterminding

It’s so much FUN to do TV–especially with someone who is as smart, beautiful and talented as Suzy Prudden, speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur.I sat down with Suzy recently on her show “Suzy Prudden’s Mastermind Live” on LA Talk Live....

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