An Empowered WomanCalifornia is # 1 in the Top Ten States for Women-Owned Businesses.

Great charts and stats on women in business!

Women owned businesses are increasing at an astonishing rate. Here are just a few more stats taken directly from the report published by American Express OPEN in 2013:

  • Between 1997 and 2013, when the number of businesses in the United States increased by 41%, the number of women-owned firms increased by 59%—a rate 11⁄2 times the national average.
  • As of 2013, it is estimated that there are over 8.6 million women-owned businesses in the United States, generating over $1.3 trillion in revenues and employing nearly 7.8 million people.
  • The states with the fastest growth in the number of women-owned firms over the past 16 years are: Georgia (up 112%), Texas (93%), North Carolina (91%), Louisiana (94%) and Nevada (84%).


One of the things they contributed to the success of women owned business is staying connected and taking advantage of the resources.

We enjoy supporting you in this journey ad look forward to seeing you soon.

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