How  to  Harness  the  Power  of  YOU!

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck? Like you’re called to be something more but can’t seem to break through the monotony?

An Empowered Woman member, Susan Bock, speaker and discovery coach, has a message for you: “Wake up!”

Susan says she spent the first half of her life trying to be someone else but is now discovering her authentic self and has found a passion for supporting women to unlock their inner power and discover who they were meant to be.

Whether you’re craving a break from the 9-5 job, or looking to expand your personal and professional development, Susan says to be sure to get in touch with your intuition to unlock your potential.

The number one way to hold yourself back is listening to your inner doubter.

Mae West said, “We only live once. And if you do it right, once is all you need,” so trust your intuition and set sail on your greatest adventure yet!

She says there are three ways to identify you’re ready for a change:

Three Ways to Identify You’re Ready to “Wake Up!

1. Complacency

2. Not Living in Your “Magnificence” – when you’re not reaching your full potential, you’ll start to feel drained and worn.

3. Boredom


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