Women entrepreneurs put together their businesses with care, hiring an accountant, sales reps, web designer, and the like, but often there is one vital role left open… A quality Public Relations professional is one of the best investments you can make in your new business.


Bill Gates once said, “If I was down to my last dollar, I’d spend it on public relations.”
Public relations is the practice of how you relate to all of your publics, and publicity, itself, is only one component of this.
When you think of public relations think about everyone.
  •  Your vendors
  • Staff
  • People you network with
  • Media
  • Investors
  • Customers and clients
  • Those who comment on your company blog
  • Social media fans and followers
Public relations professionals provide a valuable service beyond what’s just typically expected in terms of media placement. They assist you in optimizing your website in both terms of messaging and layout. This can help you avoid costly updates and revamps in the future.
Learn tips for how to jump-start your DIY PR program till you find the right professional from An Empowered Woman’s “Take Five” episode where we focus on whether or not PR is a thing of the past with Lisa Elia, founder and CEO of Lisa Elia PR, and Sandra Dee Robinson, Founder and CEO of Charisma on Camera.

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