PicCollageLove  Yourself,  Love  Your  Money

I HAVE FOUND THAT THERE IS only one thing that heals every problem, and that is: to love yourself.

Worried about finding good relationships and love?

When people begin to love themselves more each day, it’s amazing how their lives improve. They feel better. They get the jobs they’ve been striving for. They have the money they need. Their relationships either improve, or new ones begin.

Loving yourself and your money is about making responsible decisions and treating yourself with both love and self-control.

Here  are  4  ways  to  respect  your  money  &  yourself:

1. Love Looking at Your Income and Expenses

Loving yourself with money truly begins when you make a pact with yourself to always live within your means.

Pretend like there is no such thing as credit. Don’t spend more than you make.

Actually, if you really want to get ahead… spend less than you make and save more!

2. Love Paying Yourself

Choose to pay yourself. Whatever amount you earn, set some aside so it’s waiting there for you. Track your savings or investments accounts as they grow.

Love seeing money in the bank. This way you create habits that will just get better and better as you make more money. Remember, once you invite money in, more will pour in.

3. Love Learning About Money

Commit an hour or two each month to focus on your finances.

At PLJ we have monthly webinars to help inform and teach members of our community about their finances.

Focusing on your finances could also mean spending an additional hour browsing your company 401k plan website to read articles, reading a book on finances, or reading a financial article.

When you focus on saving money and keeping more for yourself in the form of investments for your future, more and more opportunities will flow your way.

4. Love Paying Less

Negotiate before you pay. This doesn’t just apply to purchases of goods; it can also apply to your service providers. Look for ways to reduce expenses and ask if they have any discounts you qualify for, or possibly smaller service packages that would serve you just as well.


When your money doesn’t feel appreciated, it won’t appreciate for you in return.

You pin your hopes and dreams on your ability to pay for them. So, it’s certainly worth it to evaluate your finances and commit to building a long-term relationship that’s healthy, fulfilling and prosperous.

One of the top qualities people value in any relationship is loyalty. Treat your money well and it’ll be around when you need it most.

As Entrepreneurs, there is a direct correlation between the products you sell and services you provide and your love for yourself. Let your business reflect your worth, and in return, help others reach their potential.

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Crystal_Moradi_SmallCrystal Moradi is Senior Vice President of PLJ Advisors, Premier Income Strategist, Licensed Financial Advisor, Personal Money Trainer, Radio Personality, and Author.

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