Power of Seven roxanne, giselle, debbieI attended An Empowered Woman’s “Power of Seven Workshop” because I had decided to take my business of doing Social Media Marketing from a part time job into a full time one. I had no idea what to expect, and I was excited and nervous as the weekend approached.

 I have to say that by the end of the two day workshop, I felt so empowered, I was over the moon and beyond ecstatic!

All seven of us who attended learned so many ways to reach thousands and possibly millions of people with marketing strategies that were actually free or incredibly inexpensive!

It was so exciting to see each woman in the group, market their company,  and share their  knowledge and passion about their work using a new  marketing venue, stretching themselves in ways that were at first scary and then afterwards gave each of us feeling that we had just climbed Mount Everest!  We all shared in the joys and triumphs of accomplishing seemingly impossible goals while we supported each other in marketing our businesses skyward!

I took away so many things from the Power of Seven weekend that I can use daily for promoting my company that it is hard to emphasis just a few! The Golden Rolodex that Desiree gives to each member is an invaluable collection of important and well researched marketing tools that would take any entrepreneur years to discover and accumulate!

I especially loved learning to be a radio host, knowing that I can share knowledge about my business with hundreds and even thousands of listeners from the comfort of my own home. This in turn will create more customers for my company, and later, I can I can take the information that I’ve shared and create podcasts that can be sold on my website.

I also learned how to become an affiliate marketer. This was a wonderful take away, as I can make money twenty four hours a day effortlessly.

I was also enthusiastic about the idea of putting together webinars, again from the comfort of my own home, using the camera on my own computer! These video recordings are shared to educate the public and tell potential clients, more about my business. I can choose to package these gems of knowledge and sell them or just drive traffic to my website in order to gain a larger clientele.

Any professional woman who has dreams of creating her own company or a female entrepreneur, who already has a business, needs to take An Empowered Woman’s,” Power of Seven Workshop” in order to take her business to the next level! It is simply a must do on every female business owner’s bucket list!     

I am eternally grateful to An Empowered Woman’s, Desiree Doubrox as she is truly passionate about empowering and capturing the business dreams of women all over the world, and she has created a network of thousands upon thousands of women that support each other to do just that! 

Debbie Overman

A Virtual Sky


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