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Rena Puebla has been in business since 1986 and is the founder of Coast Concierge.  She’s a celebrity event planner and author of “The Wow Factor.”  She will be a guest speaker at An Empowered Woman’s Second Sunday in November.

Born in South Philadelphia, “the loud part,” Rena was lucky to have been mentored in business by her friend Louise, who ran a temporary agency that employed over 100 women. Some of the most important things she learned from Louise were:

  • You need to step up to the plate in order to be able to earn a good living that will support you and your family.
  • You have to have a passion for what you’re doing.
  • Work hard.
  • Be dedicated.

Rena was greatly supported in achieving her goals by the women that worked for Louise.  The women helped each other succeed, and because they were constantly networking, they shared a wide range of contacts as well as support.   Rena’s passion and love for people, enabled her to be tops in sales and she earned a substantial living working commission only.

When Rena started her own event planning business she knew it was vitally important to show respect for her vendors, caterers and every single person she dealt with.

She believes that every single woman business owner out there needs to find a mentor.  For those who ask her for help, she is always there for them.

Learn more about Rena

(714) 979-4764

Join us and other empowered women
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Let’s Talk Success”
Second Sunday
November 10th, from 11 ~ 3pm
818-865-8563 x 1

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Until then…Stay Empowered!

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