Five Secrets to Success to Take You from Home Office to Global Reach

Against all odds, Jo Mouselli launched her home-based business, Xtreme Lashes and expanded to 50 countries with more than 40 employees and 20 professional trainers and a business model that impacts thousands of lives…and they’re still growing!

Jo shares an encyclopedia worth of fantastic information for women entrepreneurs and professionals across industries. But here are some highlights.

Five  Secrets  to  Success   from Jo  Mouselli:

1. Carpe DiemDon’t procrastinate! Move forward and stand steadfast in your goals.

2. Keep your vision and mission front and center in your mind everydayAnd make sure you do everything to align with them.

3. Create a scalable infrastructureCreate rules, procedures and recipes that can be replicated by your employees. Don’t just “keep it all in your head”—write your plans down!

5. Hire cultural fitsJo says that you can teach skills, but you can’t teach morals, principles and attitudes. You need someone who understands your company mission, vision and goals.

6. Celebrate your successesMake sure to take time to celebrate when you reach a milestone and the simple pleasures like employee birthdays. You add to workplace moral and create a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence.

Listen to Jo’s interview with Desiree to learn how life’s course has a knack for connecting seemingly unrelated things to create a definitive path to your ultimate destiny. Jo never imagined that she would one day lead a global cosmetic company, but now that she does, she has great insight to share with you.
Xtreme Lashes enriches and empowers lives by delivering on its promise to provide innovative beauty products, unparalleled support and comprehensive education. From being a wife, an active mother of four, supporting her family and putting herself through school, Jo knows the modern woman’s struggle. She knows the connection between feeling good and looking good. She has always been in the “business” of helping women feel better.

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