Hello, I’m Bobbie Casalino Lewis, Your Style Motivator. I started on Wall street in the communications industry over 40 years ago. This was when I was the only woman in the room, no matter how large the room was.
During that time I always wanted to hold on to my femininity and had a curiosity towards fashion. So when it was time for me to retire, fashion was a natural and In Style By Bobbie was born.
I help both men and women find their style. I teach them how to reinvent what they already have by digging deep into their closets. 

I love it when my clients say, “I would have never put that together, but I LOVE IT!

In this podcast I share…

  • * The difference between fashion and style
    * Three steps to determine your style
    * How to reinvest into what you already have
    * A strategic way to shop
    * The ONE item that needs to be consistently replaced

You don’t have to be a ROCK star to have a ROCKIN style!

Shop Your Closet!

The way you are perceived is defined by what you wear:
What you say accounts for 7%
How you speak 35%
And… how you look, including body language, clothes and personal grooming is a whopping 55% !!!
Can you believe that first impression is determined within 30 seconds!?

Your clothes speak for YOU! Not your friends. Not your co-workers. YOU!

Refine your personal dress code. Own it, it’s yours. It must be confident, unique, and comfortable for YOU!

I will maximize your current clothing investment & make those Fashion choices into fabulous Ready to Wear outfits!
Choose key essential garments that will create the perfect outfits, and in doing so, enforce confidence that your clothes are working for the very Best you.
Teach you how to make strategic cost effective purchases that have a low “CPW” (Cost Per Wear), enhance your authentic personal style, and incorporate these principles into every life situation.

CLICK HERE to schedule your FREE virtual “Shop Your Closet” consultation.

I Dress People Who Want to be Seen!


Unsure or Embarrassed – Closet Full of Clothes and Nothing to Wear?
Dressing Distressing – Takes Too Much Time To Get Dressed?
Not Sure What To Do and It Seems Like Too Much Work?
Rescue Your Closet!

 STEP ONE:  Schedule your appointment with Bobbie.
STEP TWO: “Closet Audit” – We will get rid of those pieces in your closet that are cluttering your life.
STEP THREE: Organize – We will then organize your closet, making it easy to find great pieces and to create outfits for every occasion. Hassle Free! 

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