Surrounded by the seclusion and intimacy of the Center for Energetic Healing in Simi Valley, seven empowered women met for this month’s “The Power of Seven,” a proven working retreat to grow and develop your business.

“Power of Seven” spans two engaging days; during which, ladies enjoy the supporting environment of other business savvy women and step-by-step guidance to using proven tools to grow their ventures. Each of the seven ladies walks away with a personalized plan and new skill sets in marketing and enrollment.

Prior to the retreat, Katie Stanley, had a lot of ideas but said she “wasn’t clear on how to bring them to fruition.” At the end of the two-day workshop, Katie reported, “I was given all the tools that I need to completely let them fly!”

The workshop builds on An Empowered Woman’s mantra of “Experience is the best teacher” by bringing together women to explore, collaborate and learn with one another. Starting at everyone’s arrival, the group of us was laughing, bonding and brainstorming ideas to propel one another further professionally. Desiree led discussions sharing the strategies and tools An Empowered Woman used to establish itself and taught seven tools that should be the part of every business plan:

  1. Networking and speaking events that will increase your net worth and visibility
  2. Joint ventures, sponsors, affiliates and/or alliances.
  3. Tele-Calls and Tele-Classes
  4. Web radio and TV shows
  5. Articles for blogs, newswires, e-magazines and/or press release
  6. New Products for sale and lead generation
  7. New fans on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter

By the conclusion of the weekend, each member developed their own web TV and radio show, became published authors, developed products for sale and lead generation, created new affiliates, joint ventures and alliance partners, and scheduled speaking engagements and live events.  One of the most valuable tools is the written blueprint detailing their desired income for the next twelve months and substantial avenues to generate additional revenue.

“…I learned that it doesn’t have to be hard…it can be simple,” said Martine “The Artist” Hubbard. “I can trust myself and that what I have to offer has a great value.”

The Power of Seven is a monthly retreat offered by An Empowered Woman that every member should participate in to make her business even more successful and learn the tools to bring in more revenue!

To schedule your complementary one-on-one strategy session with Founder/CEO Desiree Doubrox, contact us at 818-865-8563. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Until then…Stay Empowered!

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